The Heart Keeps Faulty Time by Siân Griffiths (eBook)


by Siân Griffiths

release date: April 7, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-949344-23-3
downloadable eBooks in .epub and .mobi format

also available in softcover format


Clown parents parse their disappointment in their non-clown son and their fears for his future in a nuclear-armed world. A clockwork girl discovers a discarded and disemboweled female body. Aliens, mermaids, and dragons call to us. In ten short stories brimming with captivating imagery, Siân Griffiths, author of Borrowed Horses, spins the familiar on its heels. Unorthodox and lyric, witty and heart-felt, The Heart Keeps Faulty Time bears witness to the struggle to reconcile our visions of ourselves with the reality of our circumstances.

“Siân Griffiths’s characters are most often exceptional people with big feelings and surprising abilities, just like so many of us—and, also like so many of us, they’re frequently disappointed or disappointing, despite their potential grandeur. What does it mean to be a superhero, a mermaid, a dragon’s child, a living nuclear launch code raised by clowns, if this life is all it gets you? The Heart Keeps Faulty Time is frequently hilarious, always moving, surprising and heartfelt.”
—Matt Bell, author of Scrapper

“Siân Griffiths’s The Heart Keeps Faulty Time is a dazzling account of a world coming off its hinges. Each story, illuminated by an unfamiliar sun, ticks like a heart that has wandered off its path. I could follow this heart forever, knowing it will keep me a little afraid and very, very alive. ”
—Sabrina Orah Mark, author of Wild Milk

“In Siân Griffiths’s wonderful collection, girls dance with aliens, clown parents raise dreary children, and dragons are examined, feared, and loved. Perhaps that last is the best description of the collection as a whole; there is fear in equal parts with wonder in each exquisite, beautifully written gem here.”
—Amber Sparks, author of And I Do Not Forgive You


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