An Elegy for Mathematics by Anne Valente


by Anne Valente

ISBN: 978-0-9887044-0-4

Softcover, 56 pages.
also available as eBook

Small stories that render maps of the human heart… and the human mystery.

This 2017 reissue includes a new story!


A man in search of a golden bead that is rumored to grant immortality. A would-be astronaut’s manifesto. An Archivist who can’t help but record all of life’s statistics. In these thirteen small stories, Anne Valente takes us to worlds both fantastic and familiar, forgotten and foretold, and in tight, layered prose, she strives to unravel all the tangled questions we have about ourselves. From the field guides of anatomy to permutations on desire, these small stories are expansive and encyclopedic, a cataloguing of love and loss, an attempt to find a formula for everything that courses through us.

“Whether touching on the epic or the mundane, each of Anne Valente’s stories is a sweeping but precise examination of what it means to be human. These stories can be very painful, and can be very redemptive, but the grace that carries both along is bright and breathtaking. This is an astounding collection from a talented young writer.”
-Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies

“In An Elegy for Mathematics, Valente articulates the strangeness and complexity of everyday emotions with startling precision. These stories are daring, beautiful, and urgent.”
-Seth Fried, author of The Great Frustration

Check out previously published pieces included in this chapbook: “He Who Finds It Lives Forever” and “May This Strap Restrain You” at Necessary Fiction

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