Frost Place Chapbook Competition

From 2013-2022, Bull City Press partnered with The Frost Place to offer The Frost Place Chapbook Competition. Winners received a cash prize, publication, a fellowship to The Frost Place Poetry Seminar, and a week to live and write in Robert Frost’s farmhouse (now a museum) in Franconia, New Hampshire.

2022 Winner (selected by Rajiv Mohabir)

Ethan Chua, Sky Ladders 

2022 Editors’ Selection

Alejandro Lucero, Sapello Son

2022 Finalists

Jason Gray, Here is the Ink for Your Holy Book
Benjamin Grossberg, As Are Right Fit
Amanda Hawkins, When I Say the Bones I Mean the Bones
Jacob Lindberg, Shore
Michael Pontacoloni, The Last Diving Horse Show in America
Avia Tadmor, In the Tongue I Was Born Into
Janelle Tan, turnstile jumping
Bernardo Wade, Nowhere to Rest

2021 Winner (selected by Tiana Clark)

Ae Hee Lee, Connotary 

2021 Editors’ Selection

Christian Collier, The Gleaming of the Blade

2021 Finalists

A.D. Lauren-Abunassar, Things Beneath the Sky
Geoff Anderson, Bones & Begonias
Jalen Eutsey, Dinner & a Movie
James Hoch, Radio Static
Erin Miller, Ripening Kind
Lucy Wainger, In Life There Are Many Things
Kevin West, Each Lie that Pollutes the Body
John White, Big Black Good Man

2020 Winner (selected by Patrick Donnelly)

Armen Davoudian, Swan Song

2020 Editors’ Selections

Afua Ansong, Black Ballad
Michael Bazzett, The Temple

2020 Finalists

Ae Hee Lee, Changeling
Susannah Lodge-Rigal, Bare/Bearing/Barely/Bore
Mia Malhotra, Mothersalt, A Lyric
Margaret Reges, Somewhere In The Branches
Ryann Stevenson, Call
Dujie Tahat, Uninvited Guests

2019 Winner (selected by Eduardo C. Corral)

Cassandra J. Bruner, The Wishbone Dress

2019 Editors’ Selection

Tariq Luthun, How the Water Holds Me

2019 Finalists

Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Mama’s Boy
Patrycja Humienik, Origami Mouth
Rachel Inez Marshall, Mariposa
Rachel Mennies, The Teenage Girl Understands
Erin Miller, Eventually, Some Sort of Monster
Meghann Plunkett, Wild and Dangerous
Nomi Stone, Fieldworkers of the Sublime
Angela Torres, What Happens is Neither

2018 Winner (selected by Sandra Lim)

Yuki Tanaka, Séance in Daylight

2018 Editors’ Selection

Jim Whiteside, Writing Your Name on the Glass

2018 Finalists

Kaveh Bassiri, 99 Names of Exile
Charlie Clark, Cocktail Parties in the City of the Dead
Nava EtShalom, Fortunately
Emily Viggiano Saland, Trajectory.
Lena Moses-Schmitt, True Mistakes
Philip Schaefer, What I Love About Myself I Look for in Others
Paul Tran, The Hour I First Believed
David Welch, Wonderful

2017 Winner (selected by Diane Seuss)

Conor Bracken, Henry Kissinger, Mon Amour

2017 Editors’ Selection

Leila Chatti, Tunsiya / Amrikiya

2017 Finalists

Charlie Clark, Cocktail Parties in the City of the Dead
Marlin M. Jenkins, Psalms for the Rioting
Amanda Moore, Requeening
Christopher Nelson, Winterseed
Seif-Eldeine Och, Voices of a Forgotten Letter
Samuel Piccone, Pupa
Philip Schaefer, Hymn Gasoline
Mark Taksa, SPEAK Risk
Seema Yasmin, No English

2016 Winner (selected by Afaa Michael Weaver)

Tiana Clark, Equilibrium

2016 Editors’ Selection

Chloe Honum, Then Winter

2016 Finalists

L.A. Johnson, Little Climates
Edgar Kunz, This Close
Caitlin Reid, Almagest
Marc Sheehan, Limits to the Salutary Effects of Upper Midwestern Melancholy 
Katrina Vandenberg, Conservatory 

2015 Winner (selected by Jennifer Grotz)

Anders Carlson-Wee, Dynamite

2015 Editors’ Selections

Michael Martone, Memoranda
Anna Ross, Figuring

2015 Finalists

Elly Bookman, Recession Dreams
Raven Jackson, little violences
L.A. Johnson, Little Climates
Alessandra Lynch, Wolf & Root
Philip Schaefer, [Hideous] Miraculous
Marc Sheehan, Limits to the Salutary Effects of Upper Midwestern Melancholy
Monica Sok, Year Zero

2014 Winner (selected by David Baker)

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, The Greenhouse

2014 Editors’ Selection

Emilia Phillips, Beneath the Ice Fish Like Souls Look Alike

2014 Finalists

Dan Albergotti, No Freedom
Jeremy Bass, Passenger
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., El Camino and Other Poems
Kathryn Stripling Byer, The Vishnu Bird
Matt Donovan, Every Last Thing
Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr., History
Autumn McClintock, No Lore, No Mutiny
Winnona Elson Pasquini, And the Stars from the Sky Are Ripped
Christian Teresi, Like Shining from Shook Foil
Anna Welch, From Bone
Angela Veronica Wong, Elsa

2013 Winner (selected by Patrick Donnelly)

Jill Osier, Should Our Undoing Come Down Upon Us White

2013 Finalists

Liz Ahl, Rendering Eye
Idris Anderson, Elizabeth I
Jeremy Bass, 
Lisa Fay Coutley, Tether
Dante Di Stefano, Dreaming of Orchids
Sarah Gelston, The Oar
Michael Grabell, Macho Man
Leonard Kress, Surplus
Becca J. R. Lachman, Our Barn’s Leper Face
Diane LeBlanc, Sudden Geography
Alicia Rabins, A Book of Manuals
Jose Reyes, Present Values
Sarah Sousa, Split the Crow
Karen Terrey, How to Read Signs
Casey Thayer, Lake the Shape of My Hand
Angela Voras-Hills, Nothing to Undo
Abigail Wender, The Other-Branch
Stefanie Wortman, Valley of Correction

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