Submission Guidelines

Inch has one reading period per year: April 15-May 15.  And we’re looking for your small collections. Submit in any of our three genres:

  • Fiction: Flash fiction. Microfiction. Sudden fiction. Call it what you will; Inch loves to see collections of short-short fiction. Submit your collection of a minimum of three stories in double-spaced format.
  • Nonfiction: Our theory is, if life is too short, as most agree it is, you shouldn’t need our full sixteen pages for a single essay. Submit your collection of a minimum of three essays in double-spaced format.
  • Poetry: We’ve always loved the brevity of poetry. Though we no longer have a line limit, we’re still looking for poems that celebrate compression. Submit your collection with no more than one poem per single-spaced page.

Collections should be between 10-16 pages in length. Include a title page with your contact information, a table of contents, an acknowledgements page (if needed), and an “about the author” page, none of which will count toward those 10-16 pages.  Up to 75% of the pieces in your collection may be previously published, but we do require that at least 25% of the pieces in the collection be unpublished at the time of acceptance.

We accept electronic submissions through our online submissions manager. Submit your work online, and you will be able to log in and check the status of your submission at any time. We no longer accept submissions via e-mail or snail mail.

Submit your work: https://bullcitypress.com/submissions.