Bone House by K-Ming Chang (Inch #47)


by K-Ming Chang

Inch #47, Summer 2021
26 pages, saddle-stapled
ISSN: 1932-6149

release date: June 29, 2021


Bone House is a queer Taiwanese-American micro-retelling of Wuthering Heights, a love story and a ghost story simultaneously – it revolves around a young woman named Millet, who is of unidentifiable lineage, and her destructive romance with Cathy Chiu, modeled after Cathy from the original novel. As our unnamed narrator moves into Bone House, a butcher’s mansion with a life of its own, she finds herself haunted by Cathy’s unrelenting ghost, while also becoming ensnared in her own attraction to Millet. All three women come to understand that their histories are inextricable and cyclical, and that they are bound together by desire and violence.

Includes the stories “The First Meeting of Millet ___ and Cathy Chiu,” “How I Came to Meet Millet (and Cathy, Accidentally),” “The Second Incident of Cathy, Concerning Water,” “How the Chiu Family Tamed a Wild Field of Millet,” “How Millet and Cathy Chiu Learned to Saw Light,” “The Third Incident of Cathy, and a New Intimacy with Millet,” “How Cathy Meets Edie (aka Why White Girls are Always Ghosts),” “How Cathy Capsized the Chiu Family,” “The Hour I Speak to Cathy,” “The Hour in Which the Dark is Devoured,” “The Burning of Bone House”

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