Visit BULL CITY PRESS table #943

at the 2016 AWP Conference & Bookfair

Los Angeles Convention Center & JW Marriott Los Angeles

March 30-April 2.

Welcome to the Bull Pen/#AWP16 Supplement. Here you will find information about BCP editors’ & authors’ panels, BCP author signings, and our offsite reading. –Noah Stetzer


9:00 AM — R122. Demystifying the Market: Multiple Paths to the First Book  (Casey Thayer,  Nancy Reddy,  Bri Cavallaro,  Richie Hofmann,  Malachi Black Authors  discuss the three main avenues open to first-book poets: contests, open reading periods, and solicitation from presses. Drawing on a range of personal experience, they talk candidly about the merits of each option, offering advice on manuscript submission, the revision process, and promotion. Room 503, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level

12:00 PM — R194. I Got You Babe: The (Dis)Harmonies of Collaboration (Dean Rader,  Matthew Rohrer,  Simone Muench,  Brittany Cavallaro,  Carol Guess) Five poets who translate, sample, and co-author collaborate here to discuss the innovations, advantages, and artistry of working with other writers—both living and dead. Room 511, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level

4:30 PM — R281. The Natural Writer: Unschooling the Creative Writing Classroom. (Heidi Staples, Jonathan Skinner,  Michael Martone, Deb Unferth, Jessica Smith) Can writing be untaught? Sometimes, the institutional setting of the creative writing classroom can foster a lack of risk-taking by positioning participants as dutiful students rather than daring artists, failing to ignite creative agency. Panelists committed to a variety of unschooling approaches that take writing outdoors discuss their pedagogies and practices for students… Room 409 AB, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level

–Offsite Reading– 

6:30 PM — Four Way Books & Friends Offsite (Short) Readings  Cost: $20 cover gets you two drinks. More libations available. From BULL CITY PRESS: Michael Martone, Anna Ross, Anders Carlson-Wee & Emilia Phillips.  From Four Way Books: Cynthia Cruz, Stephanie Ford, Mark Levine, Daniel Tobin & friends of the press Sarah Freligh, Owen Lewis, Jennifer Litt & Victoria McCoy. From Persea Books: Elizabeth Bradfield, Laura Cronk, Mitchell L. H. Douglas, Kimberly Grey, Patrick Rosal & Gabrielle Calvocoressi.  Little Easy, 216 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013.



BULL CITY PRESS Author Signings

at BCP Table #943

11am: Michael Martone  MEMORANDA

9781495157622“The narrators in these memoranda invoke their rights: to remain silent when it’s called for, to speak only of what they wish to.  In these brief and lovely fictions, Martone reveals that the best response to the gods’ great silence is the hint that implies the depth of our emotions, our understanding of the joke. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me? Yes, these characters say to the universe. They wish to speak. And yes, we say, we want, more than anything, to listen to them.” —Susan Neville

1pm:  Anna Ross  FIGURING

Figuring“In most self-portraits, the maker renders in order to stay and preserve the self against transience. In Figuring, however, Anna Ross’s self-portraits urge change and undoing, which beget the continual act of remaking identity: as mother, as body, as part of nature. ‘You think of bodies made and unmade / within you—the ones who found breath, / the ones who didn’t know the place they’d left,’ she writes. In fact, these poems seem to argue that domestic work is the act of creation and re-creation, and that the mother, like the fox leaving behind the ‘den where . . . blue-eyed kits / burrow themselves in sleep,’ is continually ‘unmasked / by sun’ to a sense or image of self, and then another and another.”Emilia Phillips

3pm: Anders Carlson-Wee  DYNAMITE

Dynamite“The poems in Anders Carlson-Wee’s Dynamite areas their title suggests, dramatic and volatile, filled with an explosive and masculine energy. And yet it’s the subtle but ever-surfacing lyricism radiating out from stunning understatements coupled with precise and nuanced detail that makes these poems unforgettable. Dynamite is a collection that first affects the reader strongly and swiftly—and then achingly and hauntingly over time.”  —Jennifer Grotz, author of The Needle

Michael Martone

Michael Martone

Anna Ross

Anna Ross

Anders Carlson-Wee

Anders Carlson-Wee



1:30 PM — S209. Remembering Claudia Emerson. (Emilia Phillips,  Jill McCorkle,  Alan Shapiro,  Kathleen Graber) Claudia Emerson’s death in late 2014 grieved her friends & her readers. This event features panelists remembering her spirit & her work and inviting audience members to participate by also reading her poems so that her single voice resonates through a chorus of witnesses. Room 403 B, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level

4:30 PM — S279. Easy A’s and Epic Fails: Grading the Creative Writer. (Siân Griffiths,  Katherine Coles,  Michael Martone,  Melanie Thon,  Josh Robbins) What does it mean to fail a poem? Will students dare to experiment if a conventional story earns a 98%? This panel examines the ramifications of attaching grades to creative work, debating the value of this assessment on student writing improvement. Room 410, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level