Lots of GRIND good news this week! Thanks for sending in your achievements–keep them coming! Also profiles and reviews of some of our BCP friend and family, and more in this week’s BULL PEN.  Each week we gather together good news about BCP friends & family to share and celebrate. If you have good news to share, send it my way at [email protected]. Have a great week! –Noah  


“Reading the right poem can pull you into yourself and gives you the magnifying glass you need to understand your own guts. It’s cheaper than therapy and calmer than journaling. Reading Jenny Johnson’s debut poetry collection, In Full Velvet, is more like a wielding a telescope. From the barber shop, the bedroom, the dyke bar, the street and the quiet corners of the heart, Johnson’s poetry speaks into the story of queerness.” –a contributor to Another & Another: An Anthology from the Grind Daily Writing Series, Jenny Johnson’s debut collection In Full Velvet (Sarabande) is reviewed at Auto Straddle.


BJ Hollars, BCP author of In Defense of Monsters, speaks with INCH 16 contributor Nickolas Butler about his new book The Hearts of Men (Ecco) at Volume One.

Anders Carlson-Wee, 2015 winner of the Frost Place Chapbook Competition with Dynamite, is featured at Every Day Poems.


“Gay attracts a specific kind of devotion few writers receive: not only the dispassionate admiration that comes from her mastery of craft and story, but also the intimate adoration that people also often feel for a crush or the band they listen to during a break up. The prevalent sense among her fans of you understand me perfectly but you don’t know it is on the one hand is true—Gay’s writing can and does offer that understanding to readers—but on the other isn’t—Gay the person doesn’t, and can’t, know the vast majority of her readers from Adam. Cheryl Strayed receives this same generous, impossible attention: so do John Darnielle, J.K. Rowling. It’s a love that is both gift and mandate.” Roxane Gay, contributor to INCH 19, is profiled at Brooklyn Magazine.

Good news from the Grind Daily Writing Series:


Michael Broek’s grind work appears in the latest issuer of American Poetry Review.

JC Todd appears in the latest Beloit Poetry Journal.

Brad Owens’ “A decades-long chat among friends” appears at Christian Science Monitor Weekly.

Kerrin McCadden is profiled as the Associate Director of the Frost Place Conference on Poetry & Teaching.


Faith Holsaert’s poem, “Diaspora” appears in the Potomac Review.

Susan Okie’s “Elizabeth Bishop Injects Herself With Adrenaline for Asthma” is at Cider Press Review.

Patricia Gray’s grind poem has been selected by the Arlington Arts program to appear soon on buses in Arlington, Virginia.

Another & Another

Another & Another: An Anthology from the Grind Daily Writing Series celebrates the first two years of the Grind, featuring poems by:

Dilruba Ahmed – Richard Allen – Larissa Vidal Amir – Mark Andres – Dara Barnat – R. Dwayne Betts – Tamiko Beyer – Tommye Blount – Jonathan Bennett Bonilla – Joshua Buursma – Zena Cardman – Amanda Carver – Ching-In Chen – Nandi Comer – Nicelle Davis – Chiyuma Elliott – Vievee Francis – Emily Kendal Frey – francine j. harris – Tina Mozelle Harris – Jenny Johnson – Henry Kearney IV – Angie Kirby – Megan Levad – Karen Llagas – Chloe Martinez – Jamaal May – Karyna McGlynn – Myron Michael – Sally Molini – Victoria Bosch Murray – Matthew Olzmann – Shann Palmer – Soham Patel – Matthew Poindexter – Khadijah Queen – David Ruekberg – Travis Smith – Rachel Berry Surles – Sheera Talpaz – Mary Jo Thompson – Angela Narciso Torres – Rosalynde Vas Dias – W. Vandoren Wheeler – Arisa White – Ross White – Laurie Saurborn Young

We are so proud of our Associate Editor Brittany Cavallaro for being on the NYT Bestseller List!!!