Welcome to this week’s BULL PEN where we bring together good news about our BCP friends & family.  If you have good news to share send it my way at [email protected], have a great week!  –Noah Stetzer 

“It doesn’t matter if you think it will be great. It doesn’t matter if the pen is right or you only have a napkin. It doesn’t matter at all, if the choice is between writing something or writing nothing, if you even understand it. It doesn’t matter if you get all the way through it. It doesn’t matter if no one else understands it. Or will like it. Write as many sentences as you can using a word that appeared in a dream, in the morning newsfeed, out of the president’s mouth. It doesn’t matter that you think you’re a wreck. Write a wreck.” –from “Notes from the Wreck” by Jeff Oaks, long-time participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, with what is in essence a guiding principle of the Grind.

Emilia Phillips, BCP author of Beneath the Ice Souls Like Fish Look Alike, appears at Foundry Journal with two poems, “Self-Portrait Without a Body” & ” Pica of Unsaid Things.”

Elisa Gabbert

INCH 16 contributor, Elisa Gabbert on the French Catcher in the Rye, cinematic memory, and cave diaries up at The Smart Set.

Khadijah Queen, contributor to Another & Another: An Anthology from the Grind Daily Writing Series, with her poem, “Violence, I Know You” appeared at Poem-a-Day.

Carmen Maria Machado, contributor to INCH 20, is interviewed about Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 at The Lark.

“I’m pretty much always uncomfortable when I am writing about difficult topics or the personal, and that’s how I know I am writing something necessary.” —Roxane Gay, contributor to INCH 19, is interviewed at Pittsburgh City Paper.

Liz Ahl

Grind Daily Writing Series participant Liz Ahl contributes to Indolent Books’ “What Rough Beast” project with her poem, “Fake Ghazal.”

Happy pub day to Nathan McClain, contributor to INCH 27, whose book Scale (Four Way Books) was published last week.