Eqiuilibrium_cover_lgAren’t we always flying, / into each other / into the mouth of the universe?

from EQUILIBRIUM by Tiana Clark: winner of the 2016 Frost Place Chapbook Competition

Hey! the amazing cover for EQUILIBRIUM has been revealed. And despite the short holiday week, we’ve got a few news pieces to share in this week’s BULL PEN–where we celebrate the great good news of our BCP friends and family. –Noah Stetzer


Rita Hickey, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, with flash fiction piece, “Lies of Encouragement” up at Rum Punch Press.

Kathleen Rooney, contributor to INCH 16, reviews Heather Havrilesky’s How to Be a Person in the World (Doubleday) at The Chicago Tribune.

“Writers write. Good times, bad times, all the time — writers write” —Rick Bursky, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, interviewed for “Writing Through Difficult Times” at the UCLA Extension website.

Ron Reikki’s, contributor to INCH 16, poem “After the School Shooting, He Says” at The New Verse News; and two poems at EARTH MAT(T)ERS S/TICK: feminists on guard.

“And I’d add a thank you to EVERY writer who has submitted their work thus far, whether they paid $0 or $3 or $30.  To be entrusted with their work, and to know that they value Bull City Press, is astonishing and heartening and such a gift.” 

Ross White, BCP executive director, on the overwhelming response to this summer’s open reading period.


I floated in my dust and ore, / collecting light like sympathy / from strangers

from FIGURING by Anna Ross: editor’s selection in the 2015 Frost Place Chapbook Competition