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The 5th Annual Frost Place Chapbook Competition Final Judge is Diane Seuss.

Submission Period: October 1, 2016 – January 5, 2017.

Application Fee: $28.00.

Applications are only accepted online unless other arrangements are made with The Frost Place office.

Look for the link to our submission manager, as well as information about summer programs at The Frost Place, on the home page of The Frost Place website:


Welcome to this week’s BULL PEN where we gather good news about our BCP friends and family. –Noah Stetzer

Roxane Gay, contributor to INCH 19, responds to the first 2016 presidential campaign debate with “Will That Change Anyone’s Mind?”  published at the New York Times.

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich’s, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, essay “Taste of Sardines” published at Hotel Amerika has been select as a Notable Essay in the 2016 Best American Essays.

Wendy T. Carlisle, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, has a grind poem “Election” 2016″ at The New Verse.News and another grind poem “I Thought” at Rat Ass Review.

Bethanne Patrick, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, discusses double depression and its impact on her life in “I Will Always Be Depressed, and I’m OK with That” published at Elle Magazine.

cuf5ajswgaagej8-jpg-largeTrust your imagination!” Tiana Clark, author of Equilibrium 2016 winner of the Frost Place Chapbook Competition, is interviewed at Speaking of Marvels.  Clark’s poem, “How to Find the Center of a Circle” published at Muzzle Magazine is a Best of the Net nominee. And more good news —>

Michael Martone, author of Memoranda a 2015 editor’s selection from the Frost Place Chapbook Competition, discusses the flash fiction form (as well as tricksterism, academic idiocy, and the Texas state legislature) with his friend Lex Williford, author of the new Rose Metal Press novella-in-flash, Superman on the Roof at the Brevity Blog.  Read Martone’s “Working for the Feds” at Numéro Cinq

“An aimless urban walk—no map, no GPS—can resemble the experience of flipping through a poetry collection: the turn you take on a given street or to a given page, the forms or structures you’re drawn to, the storefront or poem you pass in favor of another.” Kathleen Rooney’s, contributor to INCH 16, essay “Don’t Forget the Flâneur: Poetry’s rich tradition of urban wandering” up at Poetry Foundation.  

Emilia Phillips, author of Beneath the Ice Fish Like Souls Look Alikean editors’ selection from the 2014 Frost Place Chapbook Competition, discusses Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s “Song” at the Sundress Publications Blog.

Cameron Quincy Todd, contributor to INCH 31, with “Cooking School” up at Houeguest Magazine. 


Bull City Press is pleased to announce that we will be publishing two chapbooks submitted during our summer 2016 Chapbook Open Reading Period: Little Climates by L. A. Johnson, and Everything, Then and Since by Michael Parker.