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I took off last week for the Memorial Day Holiday but now I’m back with the latest and greatest in news from the greater Bull City.  Our summer Open Reading Period gets underway starting today; Anna Ross’ Figuring has gone on sale; awards have been awarded, poems have been published, and Ross White himself will be reading this month. All this and more in this week’s BULL PEN! –Noah Stetzer

//I was 26 and belly-flat on the platform of the uptown 6 train in New York. My messenger bag had flipped over my head. A constellation of trampled, blackened gum wads hovered inches from my face. My hands and feet: numb.// –from the New York Times article: “In Desperate Pursuit of the Zero-Stree Job” by Mike Scalise, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series.

Kate Angus

Kate Angus

Kate Angus, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, has a new book, So Late to the Party (Negative Capability Press) on sale now.

Ron Riekki, contributor to INCH #16, with 2 poems, “Sonnet 6: I’m a Dork” & “Working on the Ambulance” up at Body Literary Journal.

Nandi Comer’s, contributor to Another & Another: An Anthology from the Grind Daily Writing Serieswork in Detroit classrooms and community featured in this Detroit Free Press article.  And congratulations to Nandi for her poem “Gentle(calling your name)” which was named the 2016 Poetry Open winner at Gemini Magazine.

//Williams sees our society’s traditional sexual expectations as the equivalent of a rigid religious system—a “vastness over [him]” that would seek to control and dictate his nature, violently if necessary, with “fists” that impersonate “devotions.”// –from the Southern Humanities Review book review, by Luke Hankins (contributor to INCH #23) of Thief in the Interior (Alice James Books) by Phillip B. Williams, contributor to INCH #17.

Rebecca Foust, responds to Vievee Francis’ (participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series) poem “Anti-Pastoral” at Women’s Voices for Change.

francine j harris

francine j harris

//but the truth is that there’s no good way to erase what transpired through writing. It doesn’t fix it.// –francine j harris, contributor to Another & Another: An Anthology from the Grind Daily Writing Seriesinterviewed at Divedapper.

Kerrin McCadden, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, interviewed at Ploughshares.

Bethanne Patrick, participant in the Grind Daily Writing Series, with “5 Great Beach Reads, Wherever You Are” at Literary Hub.

Tiana Clark–winner of the 2016 Frost Place Chapbook Competition with Equilibriumto be published in September, 2016–with “Broken Ghazal for Walter Scott” up at Muzzle Magazine.

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Anna Ross



//I have taken it back you must take it back also you mustscoop up its sagging flesh and ball it up tight you must open your mouth and shove it all in//–from “Letter to the Editor” by BCP editor, Rebecca Hazleton, published at The New Yorker.

DynamiteAnders Carlson-Wee–winner of the 2015 Frost Place Chapbook Competition with Dynamite–with “Leaving Fargo” in issue sixteen of The Adroit Journal.

Ross White, our very own Executive Director, will take part on June 19 in the 2016 Joaquin Miller Poetry Series held at Rock Creek Park in Washington DC.

Cover_519Emilia Phillips–author of Beneath the Ice Fish Like Souls Look Alikeeditors’ selection from the 2014 Frost Place Chapbook Competition–with work in issue four of Horsethief Journal.

Michael Martone

Michael Martone

Congratulations to Michael Martone–author of Memoranda, editors’ selection from the 2015 Frost Place Chapbook Competition–who has been awarded the 2016 Mark Twain Award for Distinguished Contributions to Midwestern Literature! Read all about it: here.