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» The Community Roundup: July 2, 2014

The Community Roundup: July 2, 2014

by Win Bassett

In an effort to be a charitable citizen of the independent publishing community, we’d like to give a little love to our contributors, friends, and fellow members each week!


* The July 2014 Edition of Thrush Poetry Journal is live!

* After nineteen years, C. Dale Young is stepping down as Poetry Editor of New England Review. Thank you for your incredible work, C. Dale!

* Devil’s Lake has a new domain name and a new issue!

* Why “write every day” doesn’t work for Amy Woolard:

There is nothing anyone can do to me that my brain slipping me a note that reads “Maybe you can’t write this” can’t do ten times worse. Sometimes it comes in the similar format of “Maybe you shouldn’t write this” or “Maybe you’re not the one to write this.” That’s the demon, and writing every day will not stake its heart.

* S. Hope Mills on Shirley Jackson at The Rumpus:

Perhaps that’s what was becoming too familiar in The Haunting of Hill House: the fine line between natural and supernatural. I woke, more than once, in the middle of a night—no familiar streetlights to orient me—just the wind giving hell to a branch outside. My thoughts tumbled to Jackson. I googled her obsessively in the dark from my little bed on my little phone in the middle of—have I mentioned?—nowhere, the window screen flapping. Am I smitten? Possessed?

* A Q&A with Nick Ripatrazone:

My novellas have been pared down from novels. This Darksome Burn, which was published last year, is more than 200 pages less than its longest version. I’m a big fan of almost maniacal line-revision on the printed page (with as sharp a pencil as possible). I like to pare away, clear the chaff, and add more.

* Christopher Martin was a finalist in the Byron Herbert Reece Society’s 2014 Bettie Sellers Poetry Contest, judged by Chelsea Rathburn, for his poem “A Privy on the Appalachian Trail.”

Guernica names Lisa Lucas as the full-time publisher!

* Amy Woolard has a poem in the Summer 2014 issue of Indiana Review!

* GRIND’r Jessica Plante has new poems in The Philadelphia Review of Books and Gingerbread House.

* Audio of Rochelle Hurt’s poem “Nightmute, Alaska” is up at RHINO Poetry.

* Don’t forget! We just made shipping on all orders $1, and put two books on sale: Another & Another and Lithopedia!


Win Bassett‘s nonfiction has been published online in The Atlantic, the Paris Review, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and  Guernica. His fiction and poetry have been published or are forthcoming in The Southern Poetry Anthology series, Image, PANK, and Ruminate. He’s a former assistant district attorney and serves on the PEN Prison Writing Program Fiction Committee. Follow him on Twitter @winbassett.

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