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» The Community Roundup: May 4, 2014

The Community Roundup: May 4, 2014

by Win Bassett

In an effort to be a charitable citizen of the independent publishing community, we’d like to give a little love to our contributors, friends, and fellow members each week! [Instead of our regularly scheduled Wednesday post, we present you with this special Sunday edition, due in large part to the end-of-semester crunch that many of our friends know well.]


​* Erica Wright was the guest judge for Writers Digest‘s April poetry challenge!

* Lincoln Michel’s story collection, Upright Beasts, will be published by Coffee House Press.

* Loved this Q&A with Eryn Green, the 2013 Winner of Yale Series of Younger Poets:

I try to keep the process of writing a poem low-stakes as much as I can—I try to recognize my work within the broader scope of my life and the life of the universe, which sounds hokey, but is true. The stars and the sun make writing easier—if I don’t write a poem today, does anything suffer? No, assuredly not. The sky is still there, the ground is still there, the birds still know intuitively exactly when to strike up the band. Things remain well underway. So, writing for me is a way to recognize the larger conditions of things, and my place therein, and in this thinking writing a poem is inherently a moment of joy.

* Anna Clark interviewed about her forthcoming A Detroit Anthology:

A lot of people ended up writing about the experience of neighborhoods, whether it was growing up in them, or leaving them, or returning to them as grandparents … that sort of day-day life component was a big story that showed up in there. And there were other topics that I was sort of surprised that there weren’t more stories about, some of which I went out to solicit because I thought it was important to fill. Like sports — I was surprised there wasn’t more sports stories that came in the initial submission period. Same thing with art too — we really wanted some good photographs.

* Aaron Belz’s “My Chosen Vocation” from his new collection, Glitter Bomb (Persea), in Poetry Daily!

* Michael Robbins has two new poems up at the Los Angeles Review of Books for National Poetry Month!

* Alan Michael Parker wins Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition…again!

* Video of BCP’s Ross White and Rebecca Hazelton discussing the publishing process at the Couplet Poetry Festival at Old Books on Front St. in Wilmington, NC. Part 1 and Part 2.

May issue of Thrush Poetry Journal is live!

* Anthony Opal’s first book of poems, Action, will be released this fall. Here’s a video.

* Eliza Griswold writes about short-verse poems called landays in Outside magazine.

* GRIND’r Mary Lou Buschi has been busy: Her new chapbook is out with Dancing Girl Press, and all of in the included poems were written in the GRIND. The title poem, “Ukiyo-e” is in the current issue of Field. A GRIND poem also earned her a nomination for Best New Poets 2014 and Best of the Net 2014!

* Congrats to Helen Vitoria for her poetry collection, Corn Exchange, being awarded the 2014 IPPY (Independent Book Publisher Award) Silver Medal for Poetry!

* Friend Anna Sutton has a new poem, “Postpartum,” in superstition [review].

* Our friends at Poetry magazine won a National Magazine Award for “General Excellence: Literature, Science and Politics.” Congrats to Christian Wiman, Editor for February and September Print Editions and June Print and iPad Editions and Don Share, Editor for November and December iPad Editions! While you’re at it, check out Poetry‘s new May issue!

* GRIND’r Matthew Poindexter has a new article up at OZY: “Why Athlete Investors Strike Out in the Business World.”

* Ploughshares posts a good primer on flash fiction and namechecks BCP’s INCH!


Win Bassett‘s essays have appeared in The Atlantic, The Paris Review, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and  Guernica. His stories and poems have been published or are forthcoming in  PANK, Image, Ruminate, and  TropHe’s a former assistant district attorney and serves on the PEN Prison Writing Program Fiction Committee. Follow him on Twitter: @winbassett

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