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» Emerging Writers We’ve Discovered This Week: February 23, 2014

Emerging Writers We’ve Discovered This Week: February 23, 2014

We adore our INCH contributors and book authors, and we always have our eyes and ears open for emerging writers when we scan the latest issues of journals, check the most recent blog posts, catch the tweets flying by, or grab a beer at a local reading.

We’d like to celebrate some of the new and not-so-new artists we discover during the course of our weeks in the hopes that they’ll contribute to Bull City Press in the future. (And we want to celebrate the hell out of our indie press community that we love.)


Generally, I trawl online looking for new poetry, but Ian Patrick Miller‘s prose is so lush and dense that it scratches the same itch. Try “Three Ghosts,” a series of short pieces up at Devil’s Lake, and try not to read some of his sentences out loud: “But his essence I’d forgotten, examining the bonemeal—its buttons and its threads—on the doormat, the door wide open, like an eye or a yawn.”
— Brittany Cavallaro

This week I’m reading Mysterious Acts By My People, a debut book of poetry by Valerie Wetlaufer and published by Sibling Rivalry Press. These poems are delicate phrasings of violent emotions and acts. There’s a careful balancing act going on in this book, where one poem might be close to your ear and intimate, and the next pulls away and adopts an authorial reserve. I love both stances, and these poems draw you in. If you’d like to get a taste, I recommend “Love Poem in Three Parts,” along with an assortment of others at PANK.
— Rebecca Hazelton

The new issue of Thrush dropped this past week, and Holy Moses on a Mountain is it good. Spend hours with the entire issue, but I’d like to especially call out Sara Henning’s “Aubade with polar vortex and what it means to survive you“:

we once collapsed
onto, so full of wanting

that our body’s borders
rebuked each other,

grew blurry, just as there
is no place now where

concrete and ice
aren’t coupling ruthlessly.

Win Bassett

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