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» The Community Roundup: January 22, 2014

The Community Roundup: January 22, 2014

by Win Bassett

In an effort to be a charitable citizen of the independent publishing community, we’d like to give a little love to our contributors, friends, and fellow members each week!


* Issue Fifty-Four of The Collagist is out, and our friend Maria Isabelle Carlos has a poem in it!

* “Love Poem” by Rebecca Hazelton in new Tupelo Quarterly.

* Amy Woolard has two new poems in TriQuaterly. Listen to her read “Things Go South.” Trust me. (Also see Ron Rash’s fiction in the same issue.)

* The latest TAG is out, and it features Kate Greenstreet and Allen C. Shelton.

* Hannah Stephenson has two new poems at VerseJunkies.

* Erica Wright is the featured poet at DIALOGIST with a few poems inspired by the Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival in Claxton, Georgia.

* 2013 storySouth Million Writers Awards

Helen Vitoria‘s poetry collection, Corn Exchange, has been nominated for the 2014 Eric Hoffer Award 

Winter 2014 VQR is out!

Gabrielle Calvocoressi‘s latest column in her moving series, “The Year I Didn’t Kill Myself

* Our friend L.C. Fore’s new story, only $0.99 from the Ploughshares Solos series.

Barrelhouse is putting out its first book of poetry.

* If you’re on the Organic Weapon Arts website and can’t seem to decide on just one of the chapbooks, may we suggest Francine J. Harris?

Emerge Literary Journal will publish Michael Broek’s chapbook The Amputation Artist, which was written entirely over the course of several Grinds. Congrats!

​* ​Travis Smith shows up in Redivider with a poem he wrote during the Grind.

* North Carolina Writers’ Network’s Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition is now open for submissions. Winner and finalists to be published in StorySouth.

* Poem by storySouth editor Terry L. Kennedy at UCity Review.

* New Poetry Northwest has poems from friends Emilia PhillipsOliver de la Paz, Nate Klug, and Luke Johnson!


Win Bassett‘s writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Paris Review, and SalonHe’s a former assistant district attorney and serves on the PEN Prison Writing Program Fiction Committee. Follow him on Twitter: @winbassett

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