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» The Community Roundup: January 8, 2014

The Community Roundup: January 8, 2014

by Win Bassett

In an effort to be a charitable member of the independent publishing community, we’d like to give a little love to our contributors, friends, and fellow members each week!


* New American Microreview of Rebecca Hazelton‘s Bad Star: “Hazelton’s use of white space as punctuation is excellent, and her seamless sewing of seemingly disparate images is skilled.”

* January issue of Poetry is out with work from friends Leah Umansky, Adrian Matejka, Michael Robbins, Amy King, and Danniel Schoonebeek!

Tarfia Faizullah has three new poems from her second manuscript, Anatomy Model, in the current issue of The American Poetry Review.

* New American Microreview of Luke Johnson‘s After the Ark: “Johnson skillfully interweaves domestic scenes that reveal the complexity of family relationships in the aftermath of loss with those of the various pastoral landscapes to which we are compelled to return, again and again.”

* One of our favorite Stegner rockstars, Corey Van Landingham, gave a wonderful interview last weekend: “But now, naked without that manuscript-blanket, I can get back to big questions.”

* New elsewhere journal is out!

Drunken Boat 18 has been released, and it’s amazing. Want proof? See Victoria Lynne McCoy‘s “Self-Portrait as Odysseus.” From BCP’s fearless leader Ross White: “If you can read this poem…and not be in awe, then punch yourself in the face & say it’s from me.”

* Congrats to Jamie Quatro for being a finalist for the Townsend Fiction Prize!

* Allison Seay interviewed by The California Journal of Women Writers: “More specifically, the form of the poem, its stanzaic structure for instance, is always such a peculiar process to me. The mystery of how shapes emerge in poems is as mysterious and invisible to me as the poem itself. Part magic, part craft.”


Win Bassett‘s writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Paris Review, and SalonHe’s a former assistant district attorney and serves on the PEN Prison Writing Program Fiction Committee. Follow him on Twitter: @winbassett

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