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» Inch #13, guest-edited by Michael Martone

Inch #13, guest-edited by Michael Martone

Bull City denizens and friends, we’re proud to announce that Inch #13 is a bold new experiment which has more in common with 1970’s Marvel comics than the literary magazines that you’re used to seeing.  Why’s that?  Because this issue, folks, is a


Michael Martone, guest editor of Inch #13 and superior human being  in every respectGuest edited by Michael Martone, the man behind such books as Michael Martone and Fort Wayne is Seventh on Hitler’s List, this issue features so much great fiction that we couldn’t cram it all into our usual tiny package.  So we didn’t try– we made it huge.

Order your copy now, and get these fantastic stories:

Denise Delgado – “Ready”
Diane D. Gillette – “The Rope”
Bruce Harris – “On the Ropes”
J.A. Tyler – “The Hawks”
Daniel Wallace – “How to Build a Coffin”
David Yost – “Soup”

Ordering information is available at http://inch.bullcitypress.com/, where you can pick up a copy for a buck plus shipping.

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