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The Community Roundup: December 4, 2013

by Win Bassett

* Jamaal May received a Pushcart nomination, along with Ocean Vuong, from The Normal School.

* “I’m obsessed with the ways people are terribly human together,” writes INCH contributor Roxane Gay.

* New Emma Bolden and Wendy Xu works in The Adirondack Review.

Flycatcher nominated William Wright’s “Edgefield Creek” for a Pushcart.

* Christopher Martin’s poem “Stoneroller in the Hiawassee” featured at The Good Men Project.

December issue of Poetry magazine is out with BCP’s Rebecca Hazelton and friends Alex Dimitrov, Emilia Phillips, and Anthony Madrid!

* BCP’s Ross White doesn’t like when we give him love here, but his quote at TAG is so good, we’re going to do it anyway:

Being an editor is like having a drink at the local singles bar. Maybe a lot of people come up and say hello. But what you unsecretly want is someone who whispers Meet me out back in five minutes—maybe to ravish you, maybe to beat you half to death.

Also see friend and Guernica Senior Editor of Poetry Erica White’s:

Poets trust me with their terrariums, and I try not to muss up the moss.

And another favorite from InDigest Magazine‘s Dustin Luke Nelson,

I’m editing to be a fool. I say, It’s this way. Then a rush of something I don’t recognize passes by, I read something unrecognizable and lovely. It says, It’s not like that at all. I’m reminded how little I know and how little I know about what I want, but I’ve found something better than what I was looking for.

* The Economy issue #10 is out with poems from friends Michael Robbins, Anthony Madrid, Joshua Mehigan, and more!


Win Bassett‘s writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Paris Review, Salon, and elsewhere. He’s a former assistant district attorney and serves on the PEN Prison Writing Program Fiction Committee. Follow him on Twitter: @winbassett