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Lee Sharkey’s New Book

Calendars of FireLee Sharkey, whose poem “Tiresias Tells It” appeared in Inch #20, has a new collection out with Tupelo Press.  Calendars of Fire was released in April, and is available for purchase on the Tupelo web site.

Fady Joudah says, “Lee Sharkey writes an exemplary poetry of conscience that exposes and refutes that ‘the warden is also the historian.’ Her ‘slit-tongued questions’ combined with her ‘throat song’ are reminiscient of Lorca’s Deep Song, Darwish’s celebratory lyrics of life, and narratives all her own. When you are done reading her Calendars of Fire, you will know what it means to ‘shiver from the we in tenderness.'”

Inch #20 sold out in its first printing, even before it was made available for sale on our web site.  Be on the lookout for a second printing soon.