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Grind Good News

Melissa Sipin’s story “Walang Hiya, Brother”, a piece she’s been working on over the past two years with the Grind, has recently been accepted for publication over at Glimmer Train.

Congratulations Melissa!

More good news from The Grind

Angles of AscentAngles of Ascent: A Norton Anthology of Contemporary African American Poetry, edited by Charles Henry Rowell, features four poems by Vievee Francis, including one written during the Grind.  Publishers Weekly calls the anthology an “important if sprawling collection… a full and various account of its subject: African-American poets since the 1960s, and especially since the 1980s, in much of their ambitiously pluralist, confident, and energetic variety.”

Grinder Sebastian Matthews (who appeared in Inch #4) talks with Justin Bigos (who appeared in Inch #7) about his new book, the Grind, the Black Mountain school of poets, and more, over at 32 Poems:



In recent litmags, Katherine DeBlassie has a new poem up at B O D Y, while Rachelle Cruz has a poem in the newest issue of The Collagist.

Grind Good News

Catching up with our participants in the Grind Daily Writing Series around the country (in addition to those we included in our anthology, Another & Another!

Congratulations to Kenji C. Liu, a runner-up in the Poets & Writers 2013 California Writers Exchange Award with a manuscript including poems he wrote and worked on in the Grind! He’s also published Grind poems in RHINO (“a history of my complexion”) and Eye to the Telescope (“Migration: Like Paul Atreides”). You can watch a video made to accompany the latter poem here.


Congratulations as well to Shivani Mehta, whose book of prose poems is being published by Press53.