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Lithopedia Pre-Order and Launch Party

Anne Keefe‘s debut collection Lithopedia, winner of the 2010 Bull City Press First Book Prize, is now available for preorder! Until November 6th, we’re offering a special price of $12.95 plus free shipping in the US.

“The lithopedion—the stone baby, calcified, entombed within a woman’s body or on display in a museum case—lies at the heart of this rich and moving collection of poems concerned with generations of women, with what is kept or withheld, birthed or lost. Anne Keefe’s poems are graceful, elegaic, and ghosted by the specter of the irretrievable: the children who could have been, who haunt the children who are.”

-Mark Doty

If you’re in North Carolina, you can come celebrate the launch of Lithopedia and of Another & Another: An Anthology from the Grind Daily Writing Series, in partnership with the Hinge Literary Center and the Carrack Modern Art, in our hometown of Durham!

Featuring a reading by Anne Keefe, and Grind anthology contributors Richard D. Allen, Angela Kirby, Matthew Olzmann, Matthew Poindexter, Rachel Berry Surles, and Ross White. Join us Friday, November 9, at 7:00 PM at The Carrack Modern Art. Seating is limited, so arrive on time! And if you’d like, you can RSVP on Facebook.

Another & Another on Flavorwire

We’re thrilled that our new release, Another and Another: An Anthology from the Grind Daily Writing Series was listed as one of Flavorwire’s 10 Essential Alternative Anthologies for the Modern Reader. Here’s what they have to say:

This anthology is a writer’s book of writing, to be sure: a collection of poems that sprang from The Grind Daily Writing Series, a project that encourages writers to finish something — anything — every single day. And as it turns out, some very excellent poetry can be finished in a day. Not only will this anthology be delicious fodder for those interested in the state (and the future) of American poetry, the concept should be inspiring to just about anyone who has projects they keep putting off until tomorrow.

If you haven’t yet, why not pick up your own copy?